SamizdApp Ecosystem Review
Initial response to The SamizdApp Project has been quite positive. In response to our manifesto and RFC, many have contributed suggestions of existing technology that may be a good fit for the project, but we know we've still only scratched the surface. You can help us greatly by submitting relevant technologies here.

We're casting a wide net: whether your submission is a complete platform or a specific tool, we want to hear about it.
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Project Name *
Description *
Please provide a brief overview of the technology you're recommending and its relevance to The SamizdApp Project.
Website *
Code *
One of our design priorities is to use open source code. Can you point us toward a repository or set of repositories so we can evaluate the source code?
Scope *
Some technologies are monolithic solutions, others solve very specific problems. Please indicate which layers are relevant to your submission.
These questions are optional, but very helpful to orient us while we research your submission. Feel free to skip any question for which you don't know the answer. Don't worry if your submission scores low on any of these metrics: Our goal here is to learn, and the most valuable learning often comes from exposure to knowledge that challenges our assumptions. There are no wrong answers here.
How ready is this tech for prime-time? Is it a whitepaper and a website, or a battle tested system already serving thousands of participants?
Production Ready
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What does it take to be a first-class citizen with this technology? 128 GB of RAM, 8 core CPU, Terabytes of storage, and enterprise bandwidth in a data center? Or can one simply install an app on their phone or laptop and enjoy participation equal to all others?
Data Center
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Put yourself in the shoes of a participant. You want your data to be reliably available, so it's desirable that others can help store and serve it. You also want to make sure that you're not storing and serving data that you find repugnant. Some systems (e.g. freenet, TOR) are built upon obligatory contribution of storage and bandwidth: The protocol decides what you store and who you serve, without your input. Other systems (e.g. Bittorrent, IPFS) are entirely opt-in, which often leads to abuse by freeloaders in a tragedy of the commons. Where does your suggestion land?
Opt In
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Is your submission a batteries-included solution, or is it an important piece of the puzzle? Perhaps both? Does buying in to one part of your submission require adopting an entire stack, or can bits and pieces be used in isolation?
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How frequently is this technology changing? Is it stable, finished, abandoned? Or is it under active development, with breaking changes introduced regularly?
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Participant Cost
Many of the suggestions we're getting involve blockchain technology and require payment or staking of cryptocurrencies or tokens for various levels of participation. For example, the LBRY blockchain requires a minimal deposit of LBC to publish to the blockchain, but it is not universally necessary to spend LBC to consume content, so LBRY would probably be a '3' on this scale.
Everything is Staked
Everything is Free
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At the end of the day, systems are built by people. Who should we talk to about this technology? Where can we find them? Please list people we should talk to and how we can reach them (twitter, linkedIn, ens, email, etc...). Since you're passionate enough to have completed this survey, Include yourself! Be respectful and don't divulge private information: A publicly listed email is fine, a private phone number is not.
What do you want to say about your submission that we didn't ask about in this survey?
Completely optional, but if you are passionate about your submission, put your email here and we'll reach out to chat about it.
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